H2O Swim Camp


5 Day Camps:  $295
4 Day Camp:  $236* (Only Available Specific Dates)
Sibling Discount: $30 Per Additional Sibling**
Holiday Camp: $60 per day per child

Choose any or all of the Sessions for your child to:

-Have Fun


-Make New Friends

-Learn Safety Skills!

2018 Themes and Dates

Ninja Water Warriors: May 29-June 1 *FULL*

Dolphins, Whales and Sharks: June 4-8  *1 SPOT LEFT*

Shipwrecks and Pirate Treasure: June 11-15

H2O Survivor Week: June 18-22

Star “Fish” War: June 25-29

Watersports & Olympic Carnival: July 9-13

Tropical Beach Bash: July 16-20

Wild Water Challenge: July 23-27

Water Camps Rewind: July 30- August 3

Daily Activities

8:30-9:00 Arrival and Craft

9:00-10:30 Change & Swim Lesson

10:30-11:30 Theme Activity

11:30-1:00 Lunch & Movie

1:00-1:45 Themed Arts & Crafts 

1:45-3:00 Mini Swim Clinic & Free Swim

3:00-4:15 Snack and Playtime

4:15-5:00 Group Games

5:00-5:30 Camper Pick-up

Weekly Camp Theme

NINJA WATER WARRIORS – May 29 – June 1  

Campers will enjoy fun and competitive activities which are modeled after the American Ninja Warriors competition! All games and activities will be age-appropriate and motivational. Learn and master the water obstacle course. Let the games begin!


SeaVentures is the perfect place to learn about ocean exploration and marine life discovery.  How do whales communicate?  What do sharks eat? How large can a whale grow to? Campers will learn to swim like a dolphin and swim on the bottom of the pool like a Sea Robin!!!


Just like the legend of Blackbeard, our campers will enjoy treasure hunts, shipwreck exploration, and the archaeology of piracy.  Campers will master the “pirate code” and learn how to read hidden treasure maps!  They will learn about various shipwrecks and submerged worlds below!!!!

H20 SURVIVOR WEEK – June 18 – June 22

Basic water survival and various safety skills will be taught during the H20 Survivor Week.  We will also have Survivor type challenges and competitions.  Join us this week to learn what children can do to help themselves and others if the situation arises.  Campers will learn Jr. Lifeguard safety activities, boat and lake safety.

STAR “FISH” WARS – June 25 – June 29

We will re-create the Star Wars Phantom Menace – Visit to the Underwater City, using fun activities and crafts.  This session we will also learn about various types of fish beginning with Star Fish!


From Snorkeling & Scuba Diving to Water Polo, campers will learn how to perform synchronized swimming skills, compete in jumping/diving competitions and participate in team relay races.

TROPICAL BEACH BASH – July 16 – July 20

Our campers will enjoy loads of beach fun including beach themed projects, beach water games, and a special beach item scavenger huntThe art of Hula Dancing and its origin will be learned and practiced.  We will have a fun luau event with ham and pineapple pizza for those campers who are interested.

WILD WATER CHALLENGE – July 23 – July 27

This week promises to be challenging for all campers and their parents.  We will enjoy mastering water skills and invite parents for an end-of-the camp season water relay event.

WATER CAMPS REWIND – July – August 3 

This is a rewind of all of our camp sessions……Campers will enjoy all the great activities that they enjoyed throughout the summer!

FAQ’s About Swim Camp

What is the average age of campers?

Campers range from 5-12. The most common age is 6-9 years old. But all ages love this camp!

Does my child need to know how to swim to come to camp?

No, as long as the Camper is over 5 years old, it doesn’t matter if they can swim or not. We evaluate all the Campers and if they can’t swim one length of the pool independently, they will wear a life vest for the course of the week. (Many times, the Campers in a life vest become strong enough swimmers that they do not need the life vest by the end of the week.)

What is the maximum amount of kids for each week?

The maximum amount of Campers every week is 20. There will always be two counselors watching the Campers when they are in the pool.

How many hours are spent in the pool each day?

Four hours.

Do you go outside?


If I have to miss camp for some reason, can I get a refund?

No refunds or make-ups for camp except with a doctor’s note.

What is the Drop Off / Pick Up procedure?

You must physically bring your Camper into the facility to drop off as well as to pick up each day.  Drop off is at 8:30 AM. You must be here by 5:30 PM to pick up your Camper.  Extended Care Option:  Extends the day until 6pm.  Campers must be picked up on time to avoid late fees.  This option is $15/Day.

Does my child have to be enrolled in Swim Lessons to attend H2O Swim Camp?

You do not have to be enrolled in the SeaVentures Swim Lesson program to participate in the Swim Camp. Your child must be 5 years old to attend H2O Zone Camp.

What is the Registration Deadline?

Campers MUST be registered either online or in store by 6pm the day prior to Camp.

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