Swim Lessons Session 5 Calendar (May)

Monthly session swim lessons take place once a week and are provided in month-long sessions.
Classes are the same time and day every week for the month.
Dolphin, Swim Team Prep, Adult, and Snorkeling Classes are 45 minutes. All other classes are 30 minutes.

Pricing: $64 (30 minute classes) | $96 (45 minute classes)

Session 5 is One Swim Class Per Week for 4 Weeks

May 1 – May 26, 2018

June-July 2018 Schedule | Blast Week Schedule | H2O Summer Camp Schedule


Swim Instructors

Tishanna | Tori | Sarah | Patti

Mermaid Instructor


8:00amSY Jellyfish Angelfish (May: 1 spot left)
8:30amSY Frog Jellyfish (Full)
9:00amSY Tadpole Angelfish (May: Full)

9:30amSY Jellyfish (May: Full) SY

10:00amOtter (May: 1 spot left) Manatee Shark
10:30amStingray Angelfish (May: full) Jellyfish
11:00amAngelfishBaby Splash (Full)Starfish Otter Seal (May: Full)

11:30amJellyfishJellyfishSY Frog (1 spot) Starfish (May: Full)
12:00pmPrivate StarfishSY Manatee Jellyfish
12:30pmPrivate AdultAngelfishPrivate Jellyfish Private
1:30pmPrivate Birthday Parties
2:00pmBirthday Parties
2:30pmBirthday Parties
3:00pmJellyfish (May: Full) FrogJellyfish (May: 1 spot left)
Birthday Parties
3:30pmAngelfish (May: Full)
Swim Team Prep
Angelfish Jellyfish Starfish (May: 1 spot left) Jellyfish (May: Full) Manatee
Birthday Parties
Private (May: Open)
Manatee (1 spot) JellyfishSY Jellyfish (1 spot) Seal Dolphin Otter (May: Full)
Birthday Parties
4:30pmJellyfish (Full) SY
Otter (Full) Angelfish (May: Full) AngelfishSY Angelfish (Full)

Private Angelfish (May: Full)
Jellyfish (Full) Starfish Private
Angelfish Private Private
Seal (1 spot) Otter Jellyfish (May: 1 spot left)
5:30pmPrivate Seal Otter (Full)
Otter (1 spot) Private Private
Manatee(Full) Jellyfish SharkOtter (1 spot) Jellyfish Shark
6:00pmSY Jellyfish (May: Full) Starfish Angelfish Shark

SY Angel (1 spot) TadpoleManatee (1 spot) Private Stingray (May: 1 spot left)
6:30pmSY Angelfish (Full) Manatee (Full) Jellyfish Adult
Dolphin Otter Private Jellyfish (1 spot) Adult

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a $35 annual registration fee per student. Covers 1 year from date of signup.
  • There are no refunds or session transfers. A makeup or store credit can be given only in the event of an illness with a doctor’s note.
  • Do not feed your child within 1 hour prior to swim class.
  • You may reschedule your set of classes one time within the session. Thereafter, a $10 fee for each change will be charged.
  • Children under 4 years must wear a swim diaper.
  • There is a $250 fee if your child has an “accident” in the pool.
  • Classes with only one child enrolled may be cancelled or combined with another class.
  • 30 minute classes with only one child will be 20 minutes in length. 45 minute classes with only one child will be 30 minutes.