Jr. Scientists Dive Team

Junior Scientists Atlanta
Does your kid want to be a Marine Biologist?  Is your kid a Scuba Diver or want to be one?

Jr. Scientists Dive Team is a unique opportunity for 12-18 year olds interested in marine biology and the ocean. This youth program is a collaboration between Discover Science Center, SeaVentures Aquatic Center and Jr Scientists in the Sea, and our goal is to engage kids interested in the ocean through science education, scuba training and hands-on experiences. This program is open to divers, non-divers, and those that want to become divers.

Monthly Marine Biology Workshops

  • Coral Reef Conservation
  • Shark Science
  • Coral Farming
  • Fish Identification
  • Marine Habitats
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Scuba Equipment Clinic
  • And More…

Custom Five-Session SSI Open Water Courses

  • For kids ready to be certified.
  • Slower-paced course to ensure kids understand the course material and are comfortable with the diving skills.

Monthly Scuba Skills Clinics

  • Master Neutral Buoyancy Skills
  • Practice Safe Diving Skills
  • Simulate Night and Wreck Dives
  • Practice Navigation, and Search & Recovery Skills
  • Learn Underwater Photography
  • And More…

Monthly Scientific Diving Workshops

  • Measurement and Data Collection Skills
  • Underwater Communication Strategies
  • Research Surveys
  • And more, leading to a Jr Research Diver Distinctive Specialty

Leadership Development

Kids have a chance to be part of, and lead small group projects:

  • Research Project Development
  • Research Trip Planning
  • Dive Prep Team
  • Local Service Projects
  • Fund-Raising Projects


Dr. Tonya SchearerJr Scientists Dive Team is led by ​Dr. Tonya Shearer – Marine Biologist, SSI Scuba Instructor, Scientific Diving Safety Officer, and Owner of Discover Science Center.

Classroom workshops will be held at Discover Science Center, 2500 Old Alabama Rd, Suite 5, Roswell, GA 30076

Pool courses will be held at SeaVentures, 2880 Holcomb Bridge Rd, #136, Alpharetta, GA 30022

How to Get Started

Jr Scientists Dive Team Application Form

PADI Medical Statement (for Divers)

Register for pool courses: Call Seaventures at 770-992-3772

Register for class workshops: Call Discover Science Center at 770-641-9336

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