Mermaid Class

SeaVentures offers Mermaid Classes with Lexi the Mermaid!

Learn how to swim like a mermaid and perform fun tricks like flips, bubble shapes, and breath control. Mermaid Classes are ages 5-12 years old. Mermaids/Mermen must be at least a Starfish or Seal Swim level. Classes are $50 per class – call SeaVentures for current schedule!

Call SeaVentures to reserve your space!


Skills Taught:

Underwater swimming: tummy, side, and back

Front flip

Underwater poses

Swim with monofin 40’

4:1 Ratio

*must complete all skills before advancing to Little Mermaids



Skills Taught:

Swim with monofin 80’

Swimming with tail*

Back flip

Breath control

Blow water rings

6:1 Ratio

*optional based on purchase of tail

Meet Lexi the Mermaid!

  • Has worked with kids for many years
  • Mermaiding is a “fintastic” way to exercise and use imagination while swimming
  • Has 5 years of mermaid experience
  • Is an Ocean and Eco-Activist and does everything she can to keep the earth clean and animals safe!
  • Has worked for Disney!

Mermaid Instructor: Lexi the Mermaid