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Project AWARE Specialist

Who Should Take This Course?

Project AWARE’s philosophy is to mobilize a global force of scuba divers and water enthusiasts who care about protecting the world’s water resources and choose to make a difference – one dive at a time. By earning the Project AWARE Specialist certification, you’ll be aware of the most pressing problems facing vulnerable aquatic environments and know what everyday actions you can take to help protect them.

Anyone who has an interest in the aquatic world should take this course. There are no prerequisites, age restrictions or water sessions required for this non-diving specialty.

What Will You Learn?

Through classroom discussions, you learn:

  • How Project AWARE unites scuba divers and water enthusiasts to make a difference.
  • About environmental issues in the ocean commons and coastal zones.
  • About fisheries challenges and sustainability problems.
  • What’s happening to coral reefs and reef inhabitants.
  • Your role in protecting aquatic environments.
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Dive Against Debris

Who Should Take This Course?

Marine debris is not only unsightly, it’s dangerous to sea life, hazardous to human health, and costly to our economies. Marine animals become entangled in debris, and even mistake it for food – often with fatal results. Divers, swimmers, and beachgoers can be directly harmed by encounters with marine debris or its toxins. The environmental damage caused by plastic debris alone is estimated at US $13 billion a year.

Global change is empowered by grassroots action. We need you – ocean enthusiasts and the scuba diving community – to help by taking action on your next dive adventure.

If you are a certified diver, you can collect and report important data. Through Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris, remove marine debris on your dive and report the results. Together we make the ocean safer for marine life, and more importantly, information you report helps inform policy change.

What Will You Learn?

During a single dive, learn the proper techniques and protocols for collecting marine debris in a way that is safe to you and the environment.

  • How to remove marine debris safely
  • How to lift the debris from the water
  • How to report the debris collected

Get credit! The dive of this PADI Specialty Diver course may credit as an Adventure Dive toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification – ask your instructor about earning credit.

How can you start learning now?

Call or stop by SeaVentures at 770-992-3772 or visit the SeaVentures Front Desk.