Science Seal Team

science-seal-team-2What is it?

  • A continuing education program for young divers that have completed their Master Seal Team certification or Junior Open Water certification.
  • 10 AquaMissions related to scientific diving.
  • Kids learn basic scientific diving methods while practicing their scuba skills.
  • This is not an open water course, and does not qualify them to dive with their parents, even in the pool.

Are there any prerequisites? YES

  • Must be 8-12 years old (older divers can join Jr Scientists Dive Team).
  • Master Seal Team certification or Junior Open Water certification is required.
  • Folder must be completed.
  • Need to have their own mask, fins and snorkel.

When is it?

  • One Science AquaMission is offered each month on a Saturday or Sunday, usually from 5-7pm.

How much does it cost?

  • $70 per class OR $300 for all 10 AquaMissions paid up front.
  • Tonya will provide a link to the reading material prior to the class.
    • pool
    • instructor
    • gear (should have their own mask, fins and snorkel)
    • Science Seal Certificate

Maximum number of students:

  • 6

What do they need to do before class?

  • Read the material provided by Dr. Tonya for the appropriate AquaMission
  • Complete review questions for the appropriate AquaMission

Science Seal Team Instructor

Dr. Tonya ShearerTonya Shearer is the resident marine biologist at SeaVentures, and has been a certified diver since 1992. She is a research scientist at Georgia Tech, where she serves as their Unit Dive Safety Officer, and is the director of the Discover Science Center. Tonya is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and teaches the PADI Seal Team and Master Seal Team courses, as well as Scientific Diving courses at SeaVentures. In her free time, she is a volunteer diver at the Georgia Aquarium. Tonya’s favorite place to dive is at the Flower Garden Banks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Science Seal Team Sessions

Measurement Specialist
Master Seal Team Divers begin learning the basics of underwater scientific research. They use
measuring tapes to measure small “reef creatures,” run transect lines to measure long distances
between “corals,” and work on neutral buoyancy during each task.

Specimen Collection Specialist
Master Seal Team Divers practice techniques to collect samples for scientific research. Divers
will collect water samples, “coral” fragments, and more using a variety of sampling methods.

Data Collection Specialist
Master Seal Team Divers learn how to organize data and record observations while diving using
dive slates and underwater paper. Divers will master their underwater communication and buddy
skills using hand signals to communicate scientific information.

Knot Tying Specialist
Master Seal Team Divers learn how to tie three types of knots underwater and the use of each
knot. They will use these knots in various underwater scenarios, including tying off a surface
buoy, securing a sub-surface buoy, and attaching coral fragments with monofilament.

Shark Specialist
Master Seal Team Divers learn the basic anatomy of sharks and how to identify at least 10 sharks
underwater using visual and behavioral characteristics. Divers will also practice buddy skills and
underwater communication during this AquaMission.

Next Step

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