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Ask this ONE QUESTION BEFORE you take your scuba gear anywhere to be serviced:
“Do you have a Full-Time Service Technician on-site?”

28 Years of Scuba Gear Service

28 Years of Scuba Gear Service

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Tim Setser

Tim Setser

Full Time Master Technician
  • Master Service Technician
  • 7+ Years of Experience
  • Full Time
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Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey

Service Technician
  • Started diving in 1973
  • Trained as a MSDT and Service Technician
  • Likes any type of diving, especially wrecks and sharks
  • Favorite dive buddy is wife, Sally
  • Favorite dive site is Rappel, Bonaire
Regulator Service Process

Regulator Service Process

34 Step Process Includes:

Ask this SECOND QUESTION BEFORE you take your scuba gear anywhere to be serviced:
“Can I jump in your pool to test my gear and do a self-refresher?”


Free Test Dive AND Self-Refresher In Our Pool ($35 Value)

Ready to go diving?
All of our service customers can check out their gear in our heated indoor pool!

FREE Hose Protectors ($16 Value)

With equipment service

Call us at 770-992-3772 or visit the SeaVentures Front Desk to get your gear serviced

Our Guarantee

Equipment serviced by SeaVentures should stay in tune and be dependable for a reasonable period of time, depending on how much you dive and how well you maintain your equipment.

Most manufacturers recommend annual equipment servicing for the average diver (100 dives or less annually, with proper maintenance and care between dives).

So – if you dive 100 times or less annually, take care to protect equipment during travel*, and rinse and store your scuba equipment properly between dives*, then you should have no problems with any of the equipment serviced by SeaVentures during the 1-year service cycle.

If you do have a problem, we will repair it at no cost to you. If you have to pay additional charges for rental equipment because of this failure, we will refund those charges. The only thing we ask is that you allow us to inspect the equipment, even if you had it serviced or repaired.

The fine print: There isn’t any. We stand behind what we do, period.

How to Protect Equipment During Travel/How to Rinse & Store EQ

  • Carry Regulator/Gauges/Computer in Regulator Bag – do not check in baggage
  • Pad BCD and Inflator adequately in bag – avoid sharp objects
  • Take care with BCD Inflator – do not bend sharply
  • Always make sure Dust Cap is in place prior to rinsing Regulator
  • Rinse all gear in fresh water after each use
  • Soak gear in warm water after several days of use and prior to storage
  • Hang BCD partially inflated for storage
  • Hang Regulator with hoses loosely wrapped

SeaVentures’ Professionally Certified Service Technicians are here to assist you with all of your dive equipment service needs.  From annual service to safety checks, our expert service department will  keep all of your life support equipment in great working condition! In addition to the most experience in town, we also have the latest technology to ensure the highest level of safety for you and your family.

Quick Set Machine

Quick Set MachineThis machine cycles your regulator simulating 250 breaths as recommended by the manufacturers in order to safely set the seats in your regulator. If your regulator is not being serviced with a Quick Set Machine you are being shorted safety by a couple hundred breaths!

Flow Bench

Flow BenchOur state-of the-art Flow Bench is not something you’ll find at your typical dive center. Then again, we’re not your average SCUBA service department! This device assures the best possible adjustment for easy breathing and longer dives. We can simulate airflow at various depths and tank pressures all at the same time.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic CleanersThe combination of a special solution and Ultra Sonic Waves in scuba equipment allow us to remove all corrosion and help extend the life of your regulator. This proceedure also removes excess lubrication residue such as silicone grease that can be dangerous when using Enriched Air Nitrox.

Pressure Vessel

Pressure VesselThis instrument allows us to test your depth gauge, computer or air integrated computer for depth accuracy and other features such as Ascent alarm, Decompression modes and No Fly times.

The Importance of Service

“It cannot be assumed that a regulator is in good working order on the basis that it has received little use since it was last serviced.  Remember that prolonged or improper storage can still result in internal corrosion and/or deterioration of O-ring seals.

You must obtain factory prescribed service for your regulator at least once a year from an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, regardless of the amount of use it has received.  Your regulator may require this service more frequently, depending on the amount of use it receives and the environmental conditions in which it is used.

If the regulator is used for rental or training purposes, it will require complete overhaul and factory prescribed service every three to six months.  Chlorinated swimming pool water is an especially damaging environment for SCUBA equipment, due to the high levels of chlorine and pH balancing chemicals that cause certain components to rapidly deteriorate.

Obtain service for your regulator at least once a year, from an Authorized Aqua Lung dealer.  Your personal safety and the mechanical integrity of your regulator may depend on it.”

-Aqua Lung

Call us at 770-992-3772 or visit the SeaVentures Front Desk to get your gear serviced