Why do I need to own these 10 items?

Scuba Mask
  • Gloves: Protect your hands from things that sting.
  • Knife: In case you get tangled in fishing line.
  • Slate: To communicate underwater.
  • No Fog: Keep your mask from fogging up.
  • Inflatable Surface Tube: So the boat will know where to pick you up.
  • Mask: Sure makes it easier to see underwater.
  • Snorkel: To conserve air at the surface.
  • Boots: Protect your feet and get traction on the boat.
  • Fins: 9 out of 10 sea creatures use them for navigating the water.
  • Mesh Gear Bag: To carry all your gear.

The time to learn how to use your gear is in the pool, not in the middle of the ocean.