SeaVentures is Georgia’s Only Suunto Service Center for Dive Computers

suuntoSeaVentures is proud to announce that we are now an Authorized Suunto Service Center for Dive Computers.

Our Repair Technicians have gone through extensive factory training and have installed state of the art diagnostic equipment to enable them to perform Level 1 services on current and late model Suunto Diving Computers.

By having a service center in Atlanta, customers and authorized dealers in the region now have a closer option for routine battery changes and Level 1 services for Suunto Dive Computers. This will reduce shipping costs and turnaround times for all customers in the region.

LEVEL 1 Services Include:

BATTERY CHANGE: This service includes removal and replacement of the battery, replacement of the battery compartment O-ring, a function and leak test, and exterior cleaning of the computer. A transmitter link up test will also be performed with a service transmitter or your transmitter if sent in for service.

Note: Function Test
The test is designed to activate all of the alarms provided for your safety in the computer, including ascent, visual, audible, and backlight. To activate these alarms the computer is driven into violation of the decompression algorithm and subsequently a rapid ascent to the surface. This test is mandatory for your safety and will result in a dive in the computers memory. The computer will be in ER mode for a period of time (12-48 hours) when it is returned to you. You can verify when the computer will clear the error mode by accessing the memory and viewing the time remaining before flying.

To send in a Suunto Diving product for service or evaluation, please call SeaVentures at 770-992-3772.