SeaVentures Swim FAQ

Why become a better swimmer?
Any physical activity has health advantages. Swimming also holds those same advantages and also provides a level of safety that other sports do not. According to the CDC’s website, every day ten people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States.

What age should my child start lessons?
Our swim lessons are available for children 10 months and up. No matter what age your child is, it is NEVER too late to start swim lessons. Our levels are designed to teach children of all ages and abilities.
We also have adult swim lessons designed for beginner and intermediate swimmers ages 14 and up.

When will my child be “Drown-proofed”?
SeaVentures believes that there is no such thing as being “Drown-Proofed”. We teach our students how to stay safe by respecting the water, and strengthening their swimming skills. However, a child should never be left unsupervised around or in a body of water, no matter their swim level.

What should we bring to the first class?

We provide most of the equipment required for swimming class (including kickboards, fins, noodles and pool toys). All you need to bring is:
– Swim diaper (if under the age of 4 – regardless of whether student is potty-trained)
– Swim suit
– Towel
OPTIONAL: Goggles (be sure to write your child’s name on them in permanent marker)

Do I need to check in before my lesson?
No, there is no need to check in prior to your lesson. Simply check the daily roster on the whiteboard in the pool area and wait until your instructor calls your child’s name at the start of class. Always take your child to the restroom before the beginning of class to help avoid missed class time and disruptions.

Should my child eat before a swim lesson?
Please do not feed your child or give him/her milk or juice one hour before his or her swim lesson. If your child is frightened or cannot hold his or her breath, no eating 3 hours before is preferred. Nervous children often swallow lots of air and sometimes water which may cause a student to throw up. In addition to these precautions, take your child to the bathroom before the beginning of class and children under 4 must wear a swim diaper.

What if my child cries or is afraid?
Our instructors are trained to deal with even the most fearful swimmer. We have many toys, songs, and games, created for fearful swimmers. If you need help getting your child into the pool, ask our instructors for assistance; we will gladly get your child into the water and swimming happily in no time!

What if my child does not like swimming lessons?
Swimming, like many activities, generates anxiety in some children. This anxiety may be most evident on the first day of lessons. Each week of lessons, your child’s anxiety should be less and less evident. Time, familiarity and consistency ease the anxiety. Play and encouragement are terrific teaching aids. A lot of basic swim techniques can be practiced in the bathtub at home to help aid the progress. Stick with it, Mom & Dad, this is a skill for life that you are giving your child!

Why do you recommend year-round swimming lessons?
We recommend year-round swimming lessons for children because the continuity helps them retain more knowledge for a longer period of time. With the gap created by seasonal swimming lessons, children tend to regress from their swimming skill level; this ultimately results in having to refresh those skills before they can build new skills.

How frequently should I schedule my child’s lessons?
*EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT AND OUR PROGRAM IS SET UP TO ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS TO OPTIMIZE LEARNING. Please take your child’s comfort level into consideration when making these decisions. If your child is frightened, we recommend scheduling lessons as frequently as possible. Otherwise, it depends on how quickly you want your child to learn. Children learn faster if the lessons increments are close together. Also, we recommend starting as early in the year as possible because the longer they are in the water, the more comfortable and excited they will be about summer swimming.

What is your student to instructor ratio?
We provide small, intimate class sizes to help ensure a safe environment for your child to learn to swim. Check out our class descriptions here to learn more about the class ratios.

Who are your instructors?
Pictures of all our instructors are available at the entrance of our facility. Their biographies and pictures are available on our website staff page.

How do I know which instructor is right for me?
If you are unsure about whether a particular instructor is a good fit for you, please call or see us at the swim counter so we can help you choose an instructor that will help you achieve your goals.

How can I get in touch with my instructor prior to lessons?
All classes begin and end promptly at their designated time. We ask that parents and students not interrupt instructors while they are teaching; however, you may leave them a message at the swim counter.

How long are lessons?
Most of our lessons are 30 minutes long. We’ve found this to be the optimum length of time for focused learning and fun for young children. Adult, Dolphin and Swim Team Prep classes are 45 minutes in length.

How do I schedule my child’s lessons?
To enroll your child in swim lessons, sign up online or give us a call. We provide a wide range of class times and days to fit your schedule.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?
Please call prior to your child’s scheduled lesson to let us know your child won’t be attending class and we will gladly reschedule that class as a make-up lesson.

What is your make-up policy?
There are no refunds or session transfers. A makeup or store credit can be given only in the event of an illness with a doctor’s note.

How do I change my child’s schedule day and/or time for lessons?
You are able to change your child’s lesson(s) day and/or time by calling or emailing for no charge.

Is there a registration fee?
We do have a registration fee of $35. New families are charged the registration fee at the time of registration. An annual registration fee will be charged 12 months after the initial registration fee is paid.

Are registration fees and tuition refundable?
Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds for used or unused swim lessons.

Do you ever close for inclement weather?
We rarely close due to inclement weather. If we do cancel classes, we will email or call all customers scheduled for lessons during the cancelation period. Please call or check our website before you drive if you are unsure.

What happens when my child advances to the next level?
Your child’s instructor will verbally tell you when your child is ready to graduate to the next level. The front desk staff will work with you to schedule lessons in the next level. Remember, not to rush it. Each level builds upon your child’s ability to master the last level. A child rushed through our program will never be as good as the child that takes the time to master each skill. Parents please remember that the journey from first blowing bubbles to swimming 50 yards takes several years. How long did it take you? Therefore, it is impractical to expect your child to master each skill level the first time they attempt it. Please be patient and supportive with your child! This is a skill that will last your child a lifetime.

If I have a child with special needs, how is this handled?
We have a handful of instructors who have experience dealing with special needs children. Special needs children generally respond best in private swim lessons. If you have a special needs child we recommend scheduling a private lesson. When you call to book private lessons, please let us know what your child’s needs are and the type of personalities they respond best to. We will, in turn, suggest instructors who will be able to handle your child’s needs best.