SSI Altitude Diving

SSI altitude diving

There are many high mountain lakes to dive in and most great visibility. If you dive in water that is 300 to 3000 meters (1000 to 10000 feet) above sea level, this is called altitude diving. But there are things you should know about diving at a higher altitude in order to remain safe. The SSI Altitude Diving course will teach you what you need to know about diving at higher altitudes.

The minimum age for the SSI Altitude Diving course is 10 years old, and you must be an Open Water Diver in order to take it.

To complete this specialty will require the following:

– Completion of Online Digital Learning Materials
– One Classroom Session
– 2 Open Water Dives at a higher altitude location(We recommend a Drive & Dive!)

You can begin this class today by registering at the link below. We’ll send you the online materials via the mySSI app & contact you to schedule the classroom portion.

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