SSI Divemaster

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The SSI Divemaster is the most popular professional level certification. In addition to guiding certified divers, Divemasters get to assist on courses, work on dive vessels and resorts, and teach snorkelling courses. From Dive Guide you get to Divemaster level by taking the Science of Diving course, which expands your understanding on the broad subject of diving theory.

The course includes skill development both in confined and open water to the level that you can demonstrate them to others. Your training will also cover the safety aspects of being a dive leader, and you will learn how to best take care of your customers in a variety of conditions. You will work with our instructors and to learn from their teaching styles and briefings.

After completing the Science of Diving course + achieving Dive Guide status, you automatically earn the coveted Divemaster rating. The next step on the path is Assistant Instructor.

To complete the SSI Divemaster program, you must be 18 years or older and meet the following prerequisites:

– 50 logged dives
Dive Guide
– Science of Diving

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