SSI Manta Ray Ecology

Rays and their close relatives, sharks, have been around for hundreds of millions of years, some long before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, yet we know surprisingly little about these majestic creatures. In the Manta & Ray Ecology course we will explore the mysteries of these creatures including the relationship between sharks, rays, and humans, the complexities due to fear and misconceptions, Analyze their characteristics, and understand the history of rays that began hundreds of millions of years ago and continues through today.

You must be 10 years old or older to complete the SSI Manta & Ray Ecology class. Anyone, including non-certified divers, can take this course.

To complete this specialty will require the following:

– Completion of Online Digital Learning Materials
– One Classroom Session

You can begin this class today by registering at the link below. We’ll send you the online materials via the mySSI app & contact you to schedule the classroom portion.

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